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Christmas surprises are coming!

We know, we know! It’s only November…. but we just can’t hold in our Christmassy spirit anymore! We had a crafts/focus group with a group of our children and young people last night and they have been hard at work painting pictures for display at this year’s Christmas party. We asked the children earlier in the […]

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Free Christmas Letter Template

christmas letter template

With Christmas right around the corner, we are running out of time to get our Christmas letter to the big jolly man in the North Pole! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Download our free printable Christmas letter template by clicking the link below, so you can get them sent over to him and his […]

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Extremism and Radicalisation: How can we spot the warning signs?


The radicalisation of young people can come in all forms, sizes and cultures. An easy way to look at it from a different angle is to think about a young person you have most contact with – be that pupils, students or colleagues. Now think about a time when one of them recently confided in […]

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