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What Are the Different Types of Foster Placements?

There are many different types of fostering placements. Every child and young person will have completely different needs. For many children a positive outcome for fostering may be returning to their parents or extended family. Maintaining contact and working with genuine respect for the child's family is crucial for keeping these options available. Other children may succeed best in long term alternative families including permanent foster care placements. However, there are also some unique placement types such as Parent and Child placements, which involves providing support and guidance to a young mother and/or father, helping them develop their parenting skills while offering care for their children.

Foster Care Solutions can provide a wide range of foster care placements and professional support services providing specific packages of care to meet the needs of individual children and young people. These services are delivered by qualified and experienced social work staff and foster carers who are valued members of our professional team.

Types of Foster Placements

Fostering placements fall in to the categories as shown below. The assessment process will help you to consider which types of fostering would best suit your household.

Respite care

Where children live with their own family or foster carers, but have short stays with another foster carer to give their family/main foster carers a break.

Emergency placements

Children who need a safe place to stay for a few nights generally at very short notice.

Short term placements

Where foster carers provide a temporary place to stay until the child can return home to their own family, move into a longer-term fostering placement or adoptive family.

Long term or Permanent placements

Where foster carers commit to care for children until they are eighteen (and beyond).These type of placements are usually planned over a period.

Parent and Child placements

Time-limited placements for families who need additional support together.

Children with Disabilities

Children who need increased support and care.

Sibling Groups

Brother(s) and/or sisters(s) are known as sibling groups. Often when siblings are placed in foster care it can become a challenge for Local Authority to keep them together. At Foster Care Solutions we understand that it is important to keep the children together due to their supportive network, shared experiences, and bond.

Remand Placements

Young people remanded into care by the courts following alleged criminal activity, or requiring a bail address.

Unaccompanied Minors

Young people who have left their country of origin with no parents or guardian in England.

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