Thinking of Moving Agency? |

Thinking of Moving Agency?

Be Part of Foster Care Solutions' Fostering Family 

We can help talk you through the process. We will not approach your current agency/Local Authority at the initial stage of your enquiry. However should you progress with your application we will follow the Fostering Network Transfer Protocol and request to read your fostering files.

The protocol is aimed at providing good practice guidelines when a foster carer wishes to transfer between fostering services. It recognises a foster carer’s right to freedom of movement.

​Switching or transferring foster care providers may seem like a daunting task. Foster Care Solutions are here for you every step of the way. We can help you find out whether transferring to us would be the right move for you and any children which you may already be looking after. Moving to another foster care provider is an important decision, and you need to carefully weigh up all the advantages and disadvantages. If you do decide to transfer to us we’ll sort out as much of the paperwork as possible to make the process straightforward for you.

If you feel that your existing providers are not giving you the right level of support, feel isolated or undervalued, then speak to us about becoming part of the Foster Care Solutions family.

Fostering can be a challenging task but it is also one of the most rewarding. Here at Foster Care Solutions we are committed to working with you to help children get a better chance in life.

Our Foster Carer Ambassadors

One of our fantastic Foster Carers, Pat, takes time out to share her experience of fostering.
“If you really want to do this and the thought will not leave you, don’t let age stand in your way. I am a single carer and I’m 70!!

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Our Support For Our Foster Carers

Foster Care Solutions are committed to providing our foster carers with a support service that is accessible and effective. Foster Carers within the organisation can expect:

    • Named Supervising Social Workers – Once approved you will receive ongoing support from a named qualified and experienced Social Worker.
    • Induction Training Programme - Following your approval you will be invited to attend a 'Foundation Course' which will give you further advice and training to prepare you for your placement.
    • ​TSD Standards – Support to achieve a national qualification designed specifically for new foster carers over your first year of fostering.
    • Supervision Meetings – Supervision meetings usually take place at your home on a monthly basis, although this can be increased if needed.
    • Support Groups – These meetings provide opportunities to meet with other foster carers and share their experiences as well as hearing from Social Workers of any developments in the organisation and the wider world of fostering.
    • ​Education Consultants – Access to consultants who are available to support children and young people’s education.
    • ​Therapeutic Service – Access to our Therapeutic Service providing specific support to foster carers at times of stress.
    • Training – Each foster carer has an Individual Development Plan; your Supervising Social Worker will complete this with you and identify your specific training and development needs.
    • ​Support to Foster Carers
    • Telephone Support – Access to telephone support is available to all foster carers during working hours. This could be available through the local office or directly through mobile phone access. There is always someone at the end of the phone to offer support.
    • Out of Hours Service – A telephone advice line is available outside of working hours 365 days a year.
    • Financial Support – Regular payments exceeding the Fostering Network Payment Guidelines are made to each fostering household with a placement.
    • Respite – Foster carers will be entitled to respite in line with the child’s Care Plan.
    • Individual membership to Fostering Network – This allows foster carers access to the services provided by this recognised body.

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